“Green is the new black”

Newland has been committed for years for a new cleaner world by adopting recyclable fibers and clean energy.

The Newland production chain is structured to minimize , pollution and to guarantee ethics and responsibility towards workers.

That’s how!

DYEING: Our fibers are originally colored with solid additives and processed at low temperatures without solvents or acids, reducing at the minimum the polluting emissions and dye waste, very little water is “wasted” in the process. In addition, no chemicals, even if not harmful, are released on the skin.  

CLEAN ENERGY: we use a brand-new photovoltaic system thanks to which we perform the processing of most of our garments in our factory in Maccacari (Verona).

RECYCLABLE YARNS: our yarns are fully recyclable.

SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING: we have decided to abandon the common plastic bags to protect our

garments, in favor of biodegradable bags.

0 KM ITALIAN PRODUCTION: we produce in our factory or avail of partners from our territory, where stringent rules for the protection of workers are in force.

“Buy less, choose well, make it last”

Our range offers non-deformable, hypo-allergenic knitwear fabrics and resistant colors: more quality,

less waste.