Antarctica extreme

Danilo Callegari, Italian explorer, extreme athlete and adventurer, has faced a unique venture in the impervious Antarctic continent with tailor-made Newland equipment.

His adventure in Antarctica, the fourth stage of the exciting 7th Summits Solo Project, ended successfully on January 7th.

In about 2 months, Danilo crossed over 500 km, just ice and snow, facing minimum temperatures of -50 ° C and winds up to 100 km / h to reach the coveted summit of Mount Vinson, 4897 m.

Successful climb up, which presents difficult conditions equal to a peak of 8000 meters, then he tackled the dangerous launch with the parachute of 5000 meters altitude.

Here his words:

“Before coming here to Antarctica, I have read that in its frozen heart and in the mountains there wasn’t life form neighter ” flying beings “.

But today my friends, I can happily say that a man has flown between the impervious mountains of this extreme and cold White Continent.

Happy to have successfully completed my adventure and honored to be the first Italian in history to launch from an airplane flying in free fall in the cold sky of Antarctica, I inform you that today has been set an important point in my life: I successfully completed Antarctica Extreme”.

The Newland equipment  created for Danilo is made up of high-tech garments with the maximum technical performance, specifically designed to cope with the hardest and most extreme climatic conditions.