Etnic Flowers

Thermal t-neck 1/2 zip in DHtech 240, refined jacquard ” ETHNIC FLOWERS” on upper part and cuffs. Details in contrast color. Breathable, insulating, antibacterial, hypoallergenic. Perfect match with art. N4 4983.
Composition: DHtech 240 65%PP 33%PA 2%EA

Thermal leggings with pockets made of DHtech 400 able to ensure great breathability and constant body temperature even in case of intense cold. Trendy jacquard “ETHNIC FLOWERS”
Composition: DHtech 400 65%PP 33%PA 2%EA

Thermoregulating hoody full zip with pockets realized in DHtech400, it combines the incomparable technical characteristics of the fabric to a unique and fashionable design ” ETHNIC FLOWERS” allover. Details in contrast color.
Composition: DHtech 400 65%PP 33%PA 2%EA